Welcome to the 10th International Technical Waste Conference

The International Technical Waste Conference (JTIR) will be held in Porto, from the 21st to the 23rd of November 2017, during a complex and challenging time for the Sector

Today we faced low levels of performance in the Waste Sector, regarding the targets set by the European Union.

This situation opens the opportunity to reflect, discuss and present new ideas and solutions that can contribute to a positive growth, a constructive revision of PERSU 2020 (Portuguese Strategic Plan for Waste), create value, job growth and a better environment in Portugal.

The Circular Economy, its concept and its practice, should also guide us in deep reflection, involving Policy Makers, Specialists, Technicians and Researchers, generating knowledge and producing actions that, well executed, can solve problems and blockages of the Waste Sector.

The Portuguese Association for Sanitary and Environment Engineering (APESB), following the 17th ENASB and several other events recently promoted, presents the 10th International Technical Waste Conference, to be held at the Campus of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.

The model defined for these days intends to focus on topics considered to be priorities for the sector, namely “door-to-door selective collection”, “collection of bio-waste” and “payt systems”, among others.

At the same time, in the field of waste recovery, the issues of TMB operations as well as the destinations to give to the Rest Fraction are other concerns to be discussed.

In addition, it is also important to provide more knowledge in areas such as Public Cleaning, Low Carbon Mobility, Waste Management in Events, Sports Facilities, among others.

For all these reasons, through the debate, networking, master class and technical visits promoted, it is important to count with your presence, in order to value and contribute strongly to the development of this Sector.

We hereby invite those interested to submit their Communications to the Scientific Committee of the Conference and to be included in the Program. All professionals of the Sector will also be welcome to participate in the debates, hearings and events of the Conference.

Welcome to Porto.

Fernando Leite

Vice-President of APESB

President of the Organizing Committee of the 10th JTIR

Paulo J. Ramísio

President of APESB

President of the Organizing Committee of the 10th JTIR


Organizing Committee

Fernando Leite (APESB/LIPOR) – President
Alexandra Roeger (APESB/Esposende Ambiente)
Ana Loureiro (APESB/EGF)
Bárbara Rodrigues (ESGRA)
Carlos Mendes (Maiambiente)
Constantino Azevedo (SMSB, Viana do Castelo)
Dalila Sepúlveda (C. M. Guimarães)
Daniel Pinto (VITRUS)

Fernando Martins Fernandes
Graça Lopes (ISEL/APESB)
Luís Tarelho (UAveiro)
Luísa Magalhães (SWP)
Mercês Ferreira (C. M. Vila Nova de Gaia)
Nídia Caetano (ISEP)
Paula Mendes (LIPOR)
Sérgio Pedro (AVALER)

Scientific Committee

Paulo Ramísio (APESB/UMinho) – President
Ana Loureiro (APESB/EGF)
Ana Silveira (FCT, UNL)
Arlindo Matos (UAveiro)
Cândida Vilarinho (UMinho)
Carlos Afonso Teixeira (UTAD)
Carlos Bernardo (UMinho)
Cristina Cunha Queda (ISA)
Felipe Vasquez Macias (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)
Feliz Mil Homens (ISEL)
Graça Lopes (APESB/ISEL)
Joana Maia Dias (FEUP)

João Quinhones Levy (IST)
José Manuel Pereira Vieira (UMinho)
Lígia Pinto (APESB/UMinho)
Luís Marinheiro – ISWA
Luís Tarelho (Universidade de Aveiro)
Madalena Alves (UMinho)
Maria de Fátima Reis (IFMUL)
Maria de Lurdes Lopes (FEUP)
Mário Russo (IPVC)
Nídia Caetano (ISEP)
Paula Mendes (LIPOR)
Susete Dias (IST)

Honorary Committee

João Pedro Matos Fernandes (Minister of the Environment)
President of the Honorary Committee

Aires Pereira (LIPOR – President)
Carlos Martins (State Secretary for the Environment)
Inês Diogo (APA – Vogal)
Marta Neves (EGF – Administradora)
João Rocha (ISEP – President)
Nélia Sousa (AVALER – President)

Nuno Lacasta (APA – President)
Orlando Borges (ERSAR – President)
Paulo Praça (ESGRA – President)
Paulo Ramísio (APESB – President)
Rosário Gamboa (Instituto Politécnico Porto)
Victor Vieira (C.M. Lisboa – Municipal Director)
Vítor Lemos (SMAS Viana Castelo – President)


Target Audience

This conference is intended for all environmental professionals working in this area, as well as others interested in the active participation and in the development of new business opportunities in the area of waste management, namely middle and senior managers of the private and state business sector, technicians of the central and local administration, teachers, researchers and students.

The registration fees are presented in the following table:


The registration fee includes documentation, lunches and participation in the Port of Honor and Official Dinner (except student registration that will have an addition of 20 euros for participation in the Official Dinner).

The registration fee for companions, with the right to participate exclusively in the Port of Honor and Official Dinner, is 50 euros.

Registration must be done by completing the Registration Form on the Site of the Days and submitting the respective proof of payment.

Payments can be made in the modalities indicated in the registration form, with sending the proof of payment identifying the participant(s).

APESB accepts the cancellation of the registration until 30 days before the event, with a refund of 50% of the registration fee.

After November 14th, registrations can only be made at the Secretariat.

Application Form


For the 10th International Technical Waste Conference, the Scientific Committee will select the best communications to be presented in the Parallel Sessions.

Proposals of communication should be submitted, according to the template available, to the electronic mail of the Secretariat of the event (10JTIR@apesb.org), with the complete identification of the author (s), of the institution that represents (m) and the session for which is applying.

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is September 30th, 2017. All received abstracts will be subject to an evaluation process carried out by the Scientific Commission, which will communicate its opinion until October 10th, 2017. The Scientific Commission will inform the candidates the acceptance or rejection of the application and, if so, whether it will materialize in the form of oral or poster communication.

Abstracts accepted will be included in the Congress Book, that will be distributed to participants.


Note: APESB guarantees strict confidentiality in the treatment of your data. The information you provide will be used exclusively for the purposes for which it is intended.


Your Excellency,

Traditionally, the International Technical Waste Conference (JTIR) is an important meeting point for professionals in the Sector, providing, the national technical and scientific community, with a dynamic space for disseminating and discussing new knowledge and experiences, and bringing together around 400 participants: Mayors, Managing Entities, Universities and Research Organizations, Construction and Equipment Companies, Consultants, among others.

The participation of your company will be widely publicized in the 10th JTIR and your presence will appear on the website and in the publications of the Event.

Any requests for additional information and reservations should be addressed to:

APESB Secretariat – Av. Do Brasil, 101 – 1700-066 Lisboa

Telephone: 21 844 38 49 Fax: 21 844 30 48

E-mail: 10JTIR@apesb.org

May I extend my best wishes, in the expectation that you honor the Organizing Committee of the 10th JTIR with your presence.

Best regards,

Fernando Leite

President of the Organizing Committee


Additional Information

APESB - Dr.ª Carla Galier
Av. do Brasil 101, 1700-066 Lisboa
www.jornadas-residuos2017.apesb.org | 10JTIR@apesb.org
Tel.: (+351) 218 443 849
Fax: (+351) 218 443 048


The 10th International Technical Waste Conference, to be held on 21, 22 and 23 November 2017, at the Congress Center of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.

Instituto Superior
de Engenharia do Porto

Rua Dr. António Bernardino
de Almeida, 431, Porto

more information


Considered the best European tourist destination in 2014, Porto is a city with character and personality that every year attracts more and more tourists. The perfect combination between the old and the contemporary, the cosmopolitan and the intimate make this city an inspiration, where people always end up coming back.


The Organizing Committee of the 10th International Technical Waste Conference developed partnerships with some Hotels of the City to obtain special tariffs for the participants in the Conferences.

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  • Amarante
  • Visit to São Gonçalo Church
  • Visit to the historic centre
  • Departure to Régua
  • Visit to a Port Wine Farm
  • Free time for lunch
  • Visit to Pinhão (station)
  • Arrival to Porto

When the coastline finishes, Amarante appears divided by the river Tâmega, but united by the bridge baptized with the same name as the temple located beside of one of its shores, S. Gonçalo. Protected from the humid winds of the Atlantic by the mountains of Marão and Montemuro we arrived at the Douro valley where it is made homage to the combined work of man and nature, which comes to illustrate the universal value of the active role of a landscape of excellence. The Alto Douro wine region is considered a heritage of humanity by UNESCO since 2001, where in the magic of the landscapes exalt the terraces that fertilize the famous and appreciated Port wine, in the most beautiful and ancient demarcated region of wines in the world. Come to meet her!

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  • Guimarães
  • Visit to Guimarães Castle
  • Visit to the historical centre classified as humanity’s heritage
  • Departure for Braga
  • Visit to Bom Jesus sanctuary
  • Free time for lunch
  • Visit to the historic centre
  • Visit to the Cathedral
  • Arrival to Porto

“Minho” River, that separating Portugal from Spain is also the name of the green region and splendid with emblazoned manor houses, full of charm and tradition. The birthplace of Portugal, built in the city of Guimarães, takes us to visit the castle that the first king of Portugal was born; The chapel, where he was baptized and beside the Palace of Bragança Dukes. Guimarães, classified by UNESCO as the heritage of humanity in 2001, is an excellent example of the transformation of a medieval settlement into modern city, maintaining its own nature with part of the walls that protect the city. The current Guimarães was able to reconcile, in the best way, the history and consequent maintenance of the heritage with the dynamism and entrepreneurship that characterize the modern cities, which was manifested in the nomination for European Capital of Culture in 2012. On the way to Braga you will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and admire the vineyards planted in “ramadas” where the grapes used for production of the Green wine are growing.
On the hillside, it stands the imposing staircase of the sanctuary of Bom Jesus, whose sacred pathway leads us between chapels and fountains to the church surrounded by beautiful gardens, where nature and spirituality engage. At his feet the city of Braga, the Romans and the archbishops; The Cathedral and the historic centre with its terraces that compel us to walk.

Note: Entries in monuments not included

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With Lunch: Plus 15€/per person


Pick up: 20h15
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  • Pick up at the Hotel
  • Panoramic City Tour
  • Dining in restaurant with Fado show
  • Return to the Hotel

Porto at night with dinner and Fado show.

Note: Includes dinner (entries, main dish (fish or meat), dessert, coffee and beverages (wine or sodas))

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March to October: everyday, except Sunday
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  • Aliados Avenue
  • Municipality’s paces
  • Bolhão Market
  • Batalha Square
  • Santa Catarina Street
  • Majestic Coffee Shop
  • São Bento Station
  • Sé Cathedral
  • Viewpoint of the Serra do Pilar
  • Port Wine Cellar (visit and proof)
  • Infante Square
  • San Francisco Church
  • Old Stock Exchange Palace
  • Clérigos Tower
  • Carmo Church
  • Carmelitas Church
  • Douro River end
  • Quijo Castle
  • House of Music

The Douro River finally arrives at its destination where it can now rest in the waters of the ocean, after fighting the strong chains and have passed under the six bridges, connecting the Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia margins. During the Middle Ages was born and developed on the right margin, one of the oldest towns in Europe, “O Porto”! Its historical centre is the framework landscaped, the fruit of the harmonious combination between the characteristics of the terrain and its urban structure, which together constitute a set of rare beauty.
Hill above, the old ancestral houses also serve housing to the most typical population and mingle with manor houses of noble proportions. Discovering Porto is to meet many surprises. Its hospitable and conservative character conceals a contemporary and creative city. The signs of this “know being” are on the streets, architecture and monuments, museums, leisure spaces, terraces and shopping areas. City of Poets, Navigators, heroes and winners, always invincible, just dubbed the “Invicta” city, gave name to Portugal and the most famous nectar of the world, the Port wine! The city of Porto was classified as a patrimony of humanity by UNESCO in 1996 and the European Capital of Culture in 2001.

Note: Includes visiting and tasting in a Porto wine cellar
Entries in monuments not included

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